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There are too many benefits to list on our own, so here is an article explaining why drones are beneficial to promote events, your brand, or whatever it may be.

What Is Drone-vertising?

“Drone-vertising” involves the use of UAVs to collect marketing data, launch products and engage with target audiences. It enables marketers to leverage drones in a number of ways, including:

  • High-Quality Video - Does your company use video in its advertising campaigns? If not, it may struggle to gain ground on the competition in a fierce global marketplace.
    • Video Brewery points out a recent study of online shoppers indicated 90 percent of respondents said they found video to be helpful in making shopping and purchasing decisions. Furthermore, retailers that offer online videos of their products tend to sell more products that those who do not.

    • Drones simplify the process of capturing high-quality video from any location, at any time. They make it easy for marketers to collect video during a trade show and incorporate it into engaging, unique marketing campaigns.

    • Plus, drones provide video that can be used in many ways. Whether it’s providing video that can be shared across a business’ social networks, or included in a podcast or blog post, drones empower marketers to capture video that makes a bold statement.

  • Improved Marketing ROI - For marketers, it is essential to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of every campaign. This ensures marketers can avoid the dangers associated with wasted time and resources. In addition, marketers who can optimize the time and resources at their disposal may be better equipped than ever before to get additional marketing spend in the future.
    • Drone-vertising can help marketers improve the overall effectiveness of a campaign. It enables a business to engage with prospects and customers in a fun, exciting way – something that may help a company drive audience engagement and revenue growth.

    • Drones enable marketers to collect video, perform deliveries, showcase a business’ products and services and much more. As such, UAVs are game-changers that can help marketers optimize time and resources.

-APG Exhibits, 2017
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